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Welcome to the "HrastProgrammer" project! I started all this many years ago as a programming & software development project dealing with assembler programming, calculators & emulators programming, Pascal, Delphi, BASIC & FORTH development, etc. Later I integrated my own electronic music (techno/trance/ambient/industrial the way I see it), sequencer programming and sound synthesis into it. I called this EM side "HrastWerk" (meaning "Hrast's Factory") in the beginning. Then I started to research digital signal processing (DSP) and the culmination of this work is my Tranzistow synthesizer, one of the most powerful and best sounding synthesizer in existence. Now I am able to create all my music on Tranzistow alone - welcome to "Tranzistech"! Also, many other areas of interest influenced my work during the years - science fiction books & movies, robotics & cybernetics, mathematics & algorithms, nature & space, water & rain, rivers & oceans, environment & ecology, comics, VFR & IFR, ...

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HrastProgrammer: Tranzistow, KalquLab, Electronic Sounds, Synthesizers, Computers, Sequencers, Effects, Samplers, Software, Composing, Programming, Mixing, Recording. Nature & Space: Inspiration & Additional Sounds.

My music is like a travel ... by car, train, airplane, boat, spaceship or mind ... through space and time ... through technology and nature ... landscapes, sounds, images, atmospheres, voices, machines, emotions, thoughts and memories ... day and night, rain and sun, rivers and oceans, forests and deserts ... constantly appearing and disappearing, constantly changing ... The circle is now complete.

Important notice: I am not a member of any "music rights protection" organization anymore so, to ZAMP, HDS and the others - you don't have anything to do here!