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Just a few words from a long-term HP-41X user:

"And again I am extremely impressed by the supreme quality of all your software.
I never noticed that there might be some bugs in the HP-41X/Y/Z1/2 version I am using today.
If you remember well, when something works with me, be it ground-borne, sea-borne or airborne,
it means that it will work with anybody, or in other words, it means that it is fully debugged :-)"

Antoine M. CouŽtte
(retired military / active airline pilot, former cosmonaut candidate,
author of 64K ASTRONAV software and, last but not least, a good friend of mine)


HP-41C Emulator for HP-48GX/49G HP-42S Emulator for HP-48GX/49G

HP-71B Emulator for HP-48GX/49G

(!) HP-41X, HP-42X and HP-71X emulators for the new HP-49G+/50G calculators.
(!) HP-82143A Helios Thermal Printer Emulator (Windows version, for HP-41X).
(!) HP-82240A/B InfraRed Thermal Printer Emulator (Windows version, for HP-41X/42X/71X).

HP-IL Emulation for HP-41X ........... HP-IL Emulation for HP-71X

(!) Short article about HP-IL + HP-41X applications.

HP-11C Emulator for HP-48/49 .. HP-12C Emulator for HP-48/49

HP-15C Emulator for HP-48/49 .. HP-16C Emulator for HP-48/49

(!) HP-11E, HP-12E, HP-15E/X and HP-16E emulators for the new HP-49G+/50G calculators.


Free HP-41C Emulator for HP-48/49

Free TI-57 Emulator for HP-48/49 Free TI-59 Emulator for HP-48/49

(!) HP-41E and TI-57E/59E emulators for the new HP-49G+/50G calculators.


(!) The list of keyboard layouts for all my emulators.
(!) Links to other sites regarding calculators and emulators.
(!) A short list of frequently asked questions ...


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My other free and unsupported work, available for download from this site:

TI-95 Emulator for Windows: TI95E.ZIP


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